What is Spa Marvel?

Spa Marvel is an enzyme based cleaner and was developed for the treatment of hot water and was specifically designed to be used in spas and hot tubs. View Available Products Here

So what are enzymes? “Enzymes are biological catalysts or assistants. Enzymes consist of various types of proteins that work to drive the chemical reaction required for a specific action or nutrient. Enzymes can either launch a reaction or speed it up.” -WiseGeek

Spa Marvel uses several different enzymes to clean and treat your spa water. Enzymes are a very effective way to treat and clean your hot tub or spa water. One of the best things about these enzymes is they are completely safe for children, adults, and pets of all kinds. They also make your spa water safe to drain into the environment because they will not harm plants, rivers, lakes or ponds.

The enzymes used in Spa Marvel are designed to tolerate the higher temperature of hot tub and spa water. In fact they thrive at elevated temperatures and also have a shelf life of over 5 years. Click Here For Complete Directions

Lets talk pH

The pH of your spa or hot tub water changes with the additions of contaminants including skin cells, lotions, tanning oil, sunscreen, urine, soaps, etc. Contaminants like these will cause a change in water pH either up or down and throw your water out of balance. Traditionally, you would have to test your spa water and use chemicals to adjust the pH up or down to achieve balance. While chemicals have the ability to adjust pH, they do nothing to remove the contaminants in the water. Part of the reason you need a pH balance in your water is because disinfectants like chlorine and bromine will only work when the pH is within a certain range.

Spa Marvel maintains a pH balance without adding chemicals and works to eliminate contaminants by bonding with them and allowing them to be trapped in the spa filter. It does not matter if the contaminants are acidic or alkaline, Spa Marvel works to efficiently eliminate them from your water. The pH will fluctuate a little, but returns to a normal range of 7.2-8.4 fairly quickly depending on the amount of contamination in the water.

Removing Contaminants

Spa Marvel also removes organic contaminants that make your water cloudy or murky leaving you with crystal clear water all of the time.

Spa Marvel can also bond to contaminants like oils and other particles because it is positively charged. The enzymes bond to the contaminants in the water and dissolve them away. These enzymes also soften your water and prevent a mineral or soap ring from forming on your spa or hot tub. Spa Marvel is also compatible with chlorine, bromine and ozone sanitizers.

When you realize how superior Spa Marvel is to other spa and hot tub treatment methods, I am sure you will agree with us – Spa Marvel is the best treatment system for any spa or hot tub.





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