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How To: How to drain a hot tub or spa

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For those who have at last made the decision that you should empty your hot tub you may think it’s as easy as yanking the stopper. It is a bit more difficult then that although not necessarily terribly hard once you learn how to proceed. Bear in mind it will call for some effort from you. In this particular article I’ll take you step-by-step through the normal actions required for emptying your spa or Jacuzzi. The majority of portable spas and hot tubs are quite a bit alike in style and design therefore even though your spa is sort of unique; this short article ought to still end up being an excellent tutorial.

Power 110v vs 220v: The very first thing for you to do is ensure that the electricity to your spa or hot tub is switched off. Your hot tub will probably either be considered a 110v type or maybe a 220v type. You can effortlessly differentiate simply by looking to be able to find out how your spa hooks up to the electricity. In the event that it just connects to a normal outdoors electric outlet, you’ve got a 110v model and you could simply disconnect it. You will discover nearly all spas these days are usually wired directly into a 220v electric outlet and you can‚ just disconnect them. If you have a 220v hot tub, you will have to shut off the electricity at the power panel. You power panel is most likely along the side of your home or perhaps in your garage. When you open up the power panel door, you will notice lines of switches and these really should be tagged. Look for a big switch or double switch marked, hot tub or spa, or something like that. When switching a circuit breaker off, it always snaps immediately right after resisting at first. This is common. As soon as your circuit breaker is switched off, absolutely no electrical power is traveling to the spa and it’s currently ok to begin emptying it.
Draining a spa or hot tub
There are two methods to efficiently empty the hot tub. The very first technique takes a lightweight electrical water pump. These are usually little electrical pumps that typically connect with a garden hose and you put them at the deepest place inside your spa. Utilizing an electrical water pump certainly helps make the task much faster. One of these little pumps can easily empty the spa within 15-30 minutes based on the dimensions of the hot tub and also the strength of the water pump. Compare that with the hours it will usually take to drain a tub if you just open the valve and let the water run out. In case you will be emptying and re-filling the hot tub regularly, like you probably should, we suggest buying a compact water pump. A new compact water pump could cost between $50 to $400, based on the size and strength of the water pump. You do not have to purchase one of the more expensive water pumps should you just use it from time to time. We do suggest a pump which has a higher flow rate if you intent to utilizing it to empty your pool too. Although effective, a water pump probably won’t drain all of the water out, but it’ll eliminate the majority of it helping you save a lot of precious time. In the event that you simply need to empty your spa or hot tub for basic safety purposes and you intend for it to remain empty and unused, utilizing the hot tubs drain is ok.

Obviously each and every spa or hot tub includes a integrated drain. Typically they are apparent on the exterior of the hot tub, but occasionally you must take off one of the panels on the side (normally the piece of siding underneath the hot tub control panel) to locate the drain. The drain will probably be a bib for the garden hose. You basically hook up a garden hose into the drain and then open the connection. Gravitational forces will do everything else. In the event that you’re utilizing this technique to empty your spa, now’s a great time to fix a light snack and also have a snooze. This typically takes some time.

If you want to dispose of your spa, it needs to be empty prior to it being hauled away. If you’re planning in advance, you are able to hook up a garden hose to your hot tub and empty it long before it’s hauled away. In the event you’re having a moving service come by to carry it away, you may perhaps inquire if they could empty your spa to help you. The majority of expert spa and hot tub moving services will probably have a high-flow hand held water pump that may empty your spa very fast. Although there is often a modest extra charge because of this service, it will mean much less trouble for you therefore I strongly suggest it. Be sure you remember to inquire if the hot tub moving company will be able to empty your spa ahead of time. In cases where they arrive in order to move your spa and it is still filled with water, they might need to reschedule your move if they don’t happen to own a portable water pump Hot tub moving services don’t like situations like that.

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  1. David Wilson

    February 21, 2012

    You guys are the best! I called a few moving services in town and nobody was as friendly and understanding of my situation. I have a big spa and I did not want anything damaged. I was nervous to call a spa mover, but after looking at the reviews online and speaking to Mike personally, I felt like I would be in good hands. Well, they came out and made it look so easy and not a scratch on my tub! I could not have been happier. They also recommended some chemical to help keep my top looking new. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

  2. Anonymous

    April 16, 2012

    Thank you for helping me out. My husband tried for 4 hours to move that hot tub with two of his friends and they couldn’t move it. I wish I would have got that on video to use as blackmail to get some things done around the house! W\Anyway, when they finally gave up, I called you. You guys did an excellent job. I was sorry to have kept you waiting but you guys were so quick I could not believe it. Very impressive and well worth it! If you need a tub moved, call these guys!

  3. Mattox

    April 18, 2012

    Major thanks for the blog. Really looking forward to reading more. You guys are the ones I will call when I need my tub moved.

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