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Hot Tub and Spa Safety Tips

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There is nothing like having your own spa or hot tub to soak away life’s daily stresses and provide a gateway for total relaxation. Using a hot tub can be part of your healthy and active lifestyle. As wonderful and healthy as reaching this point of relaxation can be, there are a few safety tips you need to keep in mind anytime you use your spa or hot tub.

Water Temperature

The first danger to keep in mind is the temperature of the water. The National Spa and Pool Institute has set a safe maximum temperature of 104 degrees for hot tubs and spas and most hot tubs and spas today are not able to exceed that maximum temperature.

Healthy adults should not spend more then about 15 minutes in water of that temperature because soaking longer then that can raise the body’s core temperature to dangerous levels. Not only do we recommend lowering your spa’s water temperature a few degrees to save money, lowering the water temperature is recommended by many healthcare professionals.

While 104 degrees is the maximum temperature for healthy adults, children and infants should not bathe or soak on water above about 95 degrees. Adults who have a history health problems including but not limited to high blood pressure, heart disease or circulatory problems or any other serious illness or disease should consult a doctor before ever using a hot tub or a spa. Again, please ask your doctor for his or her specific recommendations.

Don’t go it alone

Just like swimming, when using a hot tub or spa, never do it alone. In the event of a problem, there is someone there to get help or be of assistance. Soaking in hot water can also have the effect of draining your energy to the point of immobility. It is possible that after sitting in a hot tub too long and you would not be able to climb out.

Of course, always watch children around water of any kind and NEVER leave children unattended in any spa or hot tub or swimming or wading pool.

Drugs and/or Alcohol

Hot water has the ability to increase the absorption of many prescription drugs and especially alcohol into your system. Talk to your doctor about the prescription drugs you are taking before spending time in your hot tub. Adding alcohol to your hot tubing can be risky because of the more rapid absorption into your blood stream. We suggest hot tub users refrain from alcoholic beverages while hot tubing.


Hot tubs and spas have the ability to raise the body’s core temperature to levels that can be extremely dangerous to an unborn baby. If you are pregnant, never use a spa or hot tub without speaking to your doctor about it first.

Water pH and Sanitizers

Always check the levels of sanitizers and know the pH of your water before entering your hot tub. Improper balance in your water’s pH may allow for harmful bacteria growth that may prove a serious health risk. Use test strips to verify and monitor the Total Alkalinity and pH.

Spa cover for safetySpa Cover

Spa and hot tub covers serve a dual purpose. They help retain heat to cut your energy costs down, but they also serve as a safety barrier for pets and small children. Always make sure you replace the cover on your hot tub or spa after you are done using it, and make sure to lock it into place with the locking tabs on all four corners.

In the sun and heat, the cover clips will weaken and wear out. They are very easy to replace. Just check with your local spa store or find them online. Remember, NEVER leave children unattended around a spa or hot tub even if your cover is securely clipped into place.


If you remember these simple and common sense safety tips, you will be enjoying your hot tub or spa for years to come. Enjoy and Relax!

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