May 7, 2012

Top 5 Money Saving Tips for your Spa or Hot Tub

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Having a hot tub is great and using it on a regular basis is what it is all about. Unfortunately, you may be throwing money away if you are not following these top 5 energy saving – money saving tips.

1 – Spa Cover

You must have a good quality cover if you want to save money on your energy bills. The reason most portable spas and hot tubs are a better value then those built in next to your swimming pool is mainly because of the spa cover. Heat rises so even though your spa or hot tub is well insulated under the acrylic shell, 85%-90% of your heat is lost out the top of the spa.

To be effective, your cover should be in good shape and attach snugly with the tie straps to prevent heat from leaking out. If your cover has deteriorated, it is starting to loose the ability to retain heat. Consequently, you will be paying a lot more to keep your spa’s water at temperature.

Over time, especially in the Arizona sun, covers will wear out and deteriorate and begin to absorb and retain water. Does you cover feel especially heavy when you lift it, or does water drain from your cover when it is tipped up? If so, your cover has started to hold water like a sponge. This means you are wasting heating dollars because a water logged cover has almost zero insulation value.

If you cover is no longer doing the job it was meant to do, call us and we can order you a new, custom-made cover for your spa or hot tub. You will spend two or three times more on your energy in one season then it will cost to replace your cover. Besides, a new cover always makes you tub look great and it is an important safety feature as well! We can also tell you how to protect your cover from the Arizona sun and make it last 3-4 times longer then normal. Ask us about a new cover today! 602-334-0077

2 – Thermostat Settings

Spa Thermostat

5 money saving tips for spas & hot tubs

Hot tubs and spas will typically heat water up to about 104 degrees. Because it takes exponentially more energy to heat the water for each additional degree, lowering your thermostat by 2 or 3 degrees will add up to a lot of money saved over time. The best part is you will scarcely notice the water temperature difference when using your tub, but you will notice the savings on your power bill.

3 – Time of day energy usage

This is a simple one. Check with your energy company and see if you are on a Time of Day, or an Off-Peak/On -Peak plan for your electrical usage.  If not, you may ask about signing up. While some people may not have seen a huge difference in their energy bills with these plans before they got a spa or hot tub, (I know we didn’t) after getting a spa or hot tub, these plans can be your best friend.

If your hot tub has a programmable thermostat, or if you have a programable circuit, program your spa to heat only during the off-peak hours. If your cover is in good shape (See money-saving tip #1) the water will retain it’s heat for several hours even after the heating elements are turned off. You will notice this one on your power bill guaranteed!

4 – Going on vacation

If you are going on vacation, or if you just use your hot tub on the weekends, consider either turning your hot tub down to the lowest setting or turning it off completely. In the winter, if you live in a place that freezes, you need to keep some heat on to prevent to prevent the water from freezing and damaging your pipes, or winterize your tub by draining all the water from the tub and the pipes. Check with the manufacturer or your owner’s manual for directions for your spa or hot tub.

5 – Air Jets and Blowers

Hot Tub with Bubbles

5 Money Saving tips for Spas & Hot Tubs

Using the jets or blowers on your spa is wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic. Air jets and blowers introduce air into the tub and create those wonderful relaxing bubbles. When cooler air circulates in your tub, it will lower the water temperature just like blowing on a bowl of hot soup will cool it enough to eat. As the water temperature lowers, your heating elements kick on to compensate for the heat loss.

Your spa was designed to work that way, but if you keep the blowers or air jets running when you are not using your spa or hot tub, you’re wasting money. Only turn on the jets or blowers when you are using your hot tub.  You will thank me for the advice later.

Most newer models of spa and hot tubs use air jets that pull warm air from the cabinet to create the bubbles in your spa. They are more energy efficient then the older blowers. Check with your spa manufacturer or check your owner’s manual for the specifics on your model.

Well, there you go. The top 5 ways to save money and still enjoy your spa or hot tub from AZ Clear Choice Spa & Hot Tub Movers.