December 2011

What do I need to do before moving a hot tub or spa?

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So you have a spa that needs to be moved.  Even if you hire professionals to do the job for you, there will still be some required preparation on your part.  Moving a spa takes more then just inviting 5 or 6 of your strongest friends over to give you a hand.  It needs to be drained and disconnected and there needs to be proper access to roll you spa out on a dolly.  This article will guide you through the necessary steps you must take prior to calling in the professional movers.


The black power line is clearly disconnected

Disconnect The Power

The first thing to do is make sure your electrical has been disconnected.  We recommend you use an electrician if your spa uses a 220v connection.  We are not licensed electricians but we can provide you with a good recommendation in your area if you don’t know an electrician you can call.  You will also want to have an electrician reconnect the power to your spa at your new location.

Draining a spa or hot tub

An Electric Drain Pump will do the trick

Drain Your Water

The second thing to do is drain the water from your spa.  This takes several hours if you simply connect a garden hose to the drain so it needs to be done at least a day before the movers arrive.  If you are not sure how to drain your tub, just ask us when you schedule your appointment.  Make sure you are mindful of any electrical connections to your spa and turn off the power.  We usually recommend having the power disconnected before you drain your spa for safety reasons.  Not all of the water will be able to drain through the drain hose.  There will usually still be a few gallons of water left in your spa.  We suggest a wet-dry vacuum or you can scoop as much as possible with a bucket.

Can you see the problem here?

Verify Clear Access

The third thing to do is make sure there is room to move the spa out of your yard and into the new yard.  We generally need unobstructed access through gates, around plants and trees, and under branches and roof eves.  We tip the spa on its side and wheel it out on a special spa dolly.  This adds about 10” in height to your spa.  So, for example, if you have an 8’ by 8’ spa that is 36” tall, we need 37”-38” clearance through any gate and at least 8’10” of clearance under roof eves and tree branches, etc.  Pathways in and out of yards need to be free of clutter or anything that could impede moving your spa in or out of your yard.