June 2011

How To: Professional in AZ give tips on how to move a spa or hot tub?

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So you want to know a little bit about how the professionals move spa and hot tubs her in Phoenix, AZ.  Hey, moving spas and hot tubs is a trade secret!  Ok, so I will tell you the whole story, but you are really going to owe me BIG TIME!!

Well, it takes some special equipment and some practice and know-how.  Spa and hot tub movers don’t just bring ten friends along to exercise their muscles and show off.  That would be a disaster waiting to happen.  Believe me, I have seen the aftermath of that approach too many times to count.  Unfortunately, we don’t get called in those cases until after the damage to the spa or hot tub has already happened.  (We do know a few really good repair guys!)

Anyway, for starters, we usually tip the hot tub or spa on its side and place it on a special spa dolly.  If your tub is a really heavy model with several motors, lots of jets, or even a chiller, (Some hot tubs have chillers?  You’d better believe it!)  we have a special tool to pick the hot tub up for us.  A hot tub or spa that is completely drained can still weigh over 1,000 lbs.  Unbelievable, I know.  Not only are hot tubs and spas REALLY heavy, they are also hard to maneuver and control.  This is almost impossible without the proper training, equipment and tools.  Now that the hot tub is upright and on wheels, we can roll it through your yard and out to the waiting truck or trailer.  Once the hot tub is loaded up and fastened safely down, we are ready to go.  Don’t forget that just loading up the hot tub onto the cart is only half of the battle.  We now need to get it out of the yard.  Is there an easy path through your yard to roll the hot tub out to the trailer?  Of course you know about things like trees and roofs and covered patios, right?  Yep, we need to be able to get under those and through your backyard gate.  I would suggest you measure the overhead clearance and gate opening.

We often see obstructions in our path like pool pumps or a hose faucets.  (Read about other obstructions here) Breaker boxes and water meters are also a problem and the cart needs plenty of room to roll around these.  Gates have gate pins that often stick out into the gate opening. What about trees?  Is there room to roll the tub out under tree branches and overhead roofs too?  If you are not sure, you will want to use a tape measure. (Keep in mind with your tub on its side, we need about an extra 12 inches of overhead clearance to be safe. For example, if your hot tub measures 8 feet by 8 feet, you will want to measure overhead clearance of at least 9 feet.  The reason is that our dolly adds to the height of the tub as we wheel it out.)

Once in a while, even though you might think we can’t get your tub out, we are still able to move a tub around these obstructions and get it out safely.  Other times, it is necessary to lift it out with a crane.  Professional movers do not want to show up and discover your tub cannot be moved without a crane.  Lifting a spa with a crane always costs more money and can create scheduling problems.  For the very reasons we just mentioned, you will want to thoroughly measure your gate and the overhead clearance out of your yard. Just call your professional hot tub mover if you have questions about any potential obstructions they might encounter.  Doing this helps avoid the added expense and scheduling challenges when you use a crane service.

Check out a video here!